Saturday, January 24, 2009

Win a pair of Rudy Project Optics!

In the Siberian city of Tomsk, children play a game called telephone, whispering a sentence around a circle until someone fails to repeat the original wording accurately. The penalty for getting the sentence wrong, is "you must go live in Kamchatka."

If you were that child, along with your Rudy Project sunglasses, what is the one item that you would bring with you to Kamchatka?

To some, Kamchatka is remote and dangerous and to others it is a place that is wild, beautiful, and worth exploring. Either way, you ONLY get to bring one item with you. What's it gonna be?.

Contest rules:

-1. Go to Rudy Project and pick out the sunglasses that you want to win!

-2. Check out our Facebook page and leave a message on our wall telling us the sunglasses you want to win and your answer to this week's question, "What is the one item that you would bring with you to Kamchatka?" by 9 pm PST on Sunday (1.25.09).

-3. Monday morning we will randomly draw three winners from the submissions! Grand Prize: Your choice of Rudy Project optics. 2nd & 3rd Prize: Rudy Project pro-forms and Kamchatka Project t-shirts. Winners will be announced on Monday the 26th by 9 am PST.

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